Reheating furnace

Post on: 01-12-2023

Novaref's total refractory solution for steel reheating furnaces is designed and optimized in terms of material types and grades to be used appropriately for each area in the reheating furnace, most favorable for new lining, repair and maintenance conditions:

Novaplast-60 can be applied by both casting and moldable, used for the working layer of furnace walls and roof in the heating zone.

Novacast-60LC/65LC used for working layer of beams and hearth of WHF as well as precast ceramic anchor for furnace walls and roof.

• Novacast-45LC, Novacast-50MC/60MC, Novaplast-45 and Novacast-MW14: Used for furnace walls and ceilings in non-heating zones and other areas.

Novacast-LW12, Novacast-LW10 insulating castable are used for backup lining of the furnace wall & roof and hot air ducts.

Novablock-90C is a prefabricated product, made from fused corundum containing Cr2O3 and sintered at high temperature. This product has an ultra-high compressive strength of up to 300MPa and exceptionally high abrasion resistance, used as skid rail blocks in billet-pushing type reheating furnaces.