Coke oven

Post on: 01-12-2023

- The functional parts that need to be repaired and replaced periodically in the coke oven are the coke oven doors. With the frequent open-close cycles to produce coke, the refractory material of the coke oven door is required to have high thermal shock resistance, and at the same time be well resistant to the environment of high CO gas content in the coke oven. To meet this requirement, Novaref has a product line suitable for coke oven doors, which are currently being used stably in the largest coke plants in Vietnam:

• Precast blocks product Novabloc-45COR with mullite-cordierite mineral phase composition and a glazed coating to prevent CO penetration - used for periodic repair and replacement of coke ovens with coking by-product recovery method.

• Cast-in-situ refractory castable Novacast-60MUL, Novacast-45MUL are used for new construction as well as repairing coke oven doors with heat recovery method.

• In addition, other products such as Novabloc-45COR shaped brick for coke oven top air suction, Novasil mix powder products are used for spraying, injection and patching repairing brick lining inside the coke oven.