Post on: 26-12-2023

Molten aluminum metal penetrates into the capillaries of the exposed refractory layer, oxidizes and corundum (Al2O3) is formed causing expansion and hence it peels off refractory material by thin layers and it worn out quickly. Novaref has been developed and produced a range of high density refractory castable products with "impermeable" properties, containing a special mineral phase that prevents the penetration of molten aluminum into the refractory material and at the same time has high mechanical strength, slag resistance and thermal shock resistance suitable for the working conditions of furnaces.

We provide a comprehensive range of monolithic refractories for aluminum smelting and holding furnaces, including: Novabloc-A80 precast shapes combined with Novacast-A80LC cast-in-situ for smelting tanks; Novacast-A60LC, Novaplast-60 for furnace roof, upper wall, beam and furnace door; Novabloc-90Cr and Novabloc-60A for burner blocks. Novacast-LW13/ LW12 insulating castable, ceramic fiber and calcium-silicate boards are designed for a complete supply and installation.