Sintering machine ignition furnace and pellet plant furnace

Post on: 01-12-2023

The ignition and holding furnace have a very high thermal gradient to the hot face of furnace roof and wall refractory lining. Novaref's solution of large-sized precast blocks for suspended roof and walls are made from mullite refractory castable Novacast-65LCF and Novacast-60LCF with high thermal shock resistance, anti-peeling, and resistance with to high CO gas content in the furnace environment.


In the rotary kiln for iron ore pelletizing at high temperature a large amount of low-viscosity liquid phase created. It interacts with the refractory lining surface and tend to block the material flow in the kiln. To ensure the creation of a stable coating layer, Novaref designs and produces Novabloc-70LCF, Novabloc-80LCF precast blocks combined with cast-in-situ castable of the same material, optimized material matrix to ensure the long service life, convenient repair and replacement. In addition, precast blocks and cast-in-situ castable Novacast-60LCF, Novacast-45LCF for annular cooler, casting and gunning grades Novacast-45MC, Novaplast-45, Novagun-45 are used for chain grate machine and hot air ducts - creating a complete refractory solution for iron ore pelletizing kilns in the iron-steel plant.

Novaref produces, provides a full-line supply of refractory materials, as well as undertakes complete refractory installation / repair service for sinter machine ignition furnace and iron ore pellet plant kiln.