Electric arc furnace (EAF), Ladle (LF)

Post on: 01-12-2023

The types of refractory castable used for steel making furnaces are designed with high-quality refractory materials used, so they have the high thermo-mechanical and anti-corrosion properties against steel slag. A variety of prefabricated or cast-in-situ products are used for a variety of applications such as:

- EAF and LF precast delta blocks made from Novacast-95AC, Novacast-S90LCF, Novacast-S85LCF with high thermal shock resistance and anti-peeling properties.

- LF well-block and argon top bubbling lances precast shapes for LF made from Novacast-95AM, Novacast-95AMZ refractory castable containing Zirconia for long service life and stability.

- Special high purity castables containing spinel Novacast-95AM / Novagun-95AM are used for new lining and repair of working layers for LF in a Monolithic Ladle Solution with quick repair efficiency to improve operating.

- Novaref’s new product Novafilâ ladle filler sand has been developed and produced with a unique solution to create a high-strength carbon coating, effectively used for steel ladles with a capacity of 100 tons - 300 tons, with efficient opening rate above 99.8%.