Post on: 26-12-2023

Many other special products are developed by Novaref from actual needs of industries and produced to serve the current market demand, such as:

Ceramic kilns: Kiln furniture for clay roofing tiles requires high strength to withstand heavy loads and very high thermal shock resistance to maximize the number of service life cycles in tunnel kiln. Support columns and U-cassete made from refractory castable of Mullite Novacast-45MUL and Mullite-Cordierite Novacast-45COR systems have proven to be highly effective in the heavy clay production industry in Vietnam.

Reducing ore furnace furniture: The saggars (crusibles) for metal ore firing in a reducing environment is cast from Novaflow-SiC70 material with complex properties that require resistance to a strong reducing environment on the inside along with an oxidizing environment on the outside. This is Novaref's unique product and has been trusted by customers for more than 10 years.

Steel alloy foundry: Dry vibration powder based on Novaram-AM70 fused alumina-spinel system with stable quality, long service life, widely used for induction furnaces for casting Cr, Mg, Ni steel alloy products.