As a part of the "Total Refractory Solutions" that we are providing to customers, refractory installation is considered one of the key important factors deciding the service life of the refractory in the furnace. Our refractory installation service is based on the following:

- Deep understanding of refractory materials and furnace operating conditions, technical standards and regulations for furnace design and installation solutions.

- Applying advanced refractory installation methods along with investing in modern equipment to increase productivity and shorten installation time schedule.

- A team of good workmanship and experienced workers with regularly updated training.

- Strict quality management system, implemented by a team of technical supervision engineers, ensures the application of refractory materials in accordance with technical regulations and product use instructions.

- Strictly control and apply labor safety measures and environment protection.

In recent years, Novaref's refractory installation service has continuously grown up both in manpower and modern equipment facilities along with advanced technical solutions and be able to undertake the various sizes of industrial furnace projects.