Since Deflocculated Castables (LC, ULC, NC) became widely used, the refractory precasted non-standard shapes products made from those castables became more and more used in design of industrial kilns and furnaces. Comparing with fired refractory bricks, these products are much easier to produce. Comparing with in-situ casted castable structures, precasted shapes have a higher quality, because it formed in the best installation conditions at a factory.


Novaref’s precasted shapes products are made from our low-cement Novacast-LC and ultralow-cement Novacast-ULC product series, depending on particular service conditions. Our products may be prefired, dried or non-dried. We have a special technical solution that enables to produce non-dried precasted shapes that can avoid the cracking and explosion phenomena of precasted shapes when heating up the kiln, even for large sizes precast blocks.

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