WTE Incinerator

Post on: 12-12-2023

With the trend of environmental protection and sustainable development, the waste-burning plants to generate electricity WTE (Waste-to-Energy) have recently been set up widely in the world and so in Vietnam. The most common furnace design is Stoker type grate furnace, while the fluidized bed furnace is less common. The complex structure includes: a solid waste incinerator that generates heat and a boiler that uses heat to generate steam for generating electricity. With the specific fuel of solid waste having low and unstable calorific values with high moisture content, the burning environment creates many very strong chemical corrosive agents that can quickly destroy the refractory lining layer and metal structures in the furnace. Therefore, the types of refractory materials selected for use must meet these harsh conditions.

In the harshest locations, the grate walls incinerator, Novabloc-SiC80 complicate shape bricks with zigzag surface design and anchors for masonry fixing are applied, or cast-in-situ refractory castable Novaflow-SiC80, Novaflow-SiC60 can be applied. The waste feed area is also susceptible to damage due to high thermal shock and mechanical impact. Mullite-SiC material such as Novacast-SiC15F is used in the furnace walls and ceiling with Novanchor-60 ceramic anchors.


In the areas above the post-combustion zone, hot air along with volatile substances still cause strong corrosion, so refractory materials containing high SiC content such as Novaflow-SiC50 self-flowing castable, Novaplast-SiC50 is used as a protective refractory lining layer and also as a heat transfer media into the steam generating tube system. The boiler area and slag chamber are lined with wear-resistant and high-strength refractory castables similar to those in power plant boilers.

Novaref provides the full scope supply of refractories, insulating materials and refractory installation service for power plant boilers, WTE incinerators, other types of boilers and waste incinerators of different designs.