Blast Furnace

Post on: 25-12-2023

-  Refractory solution for Blast Furnace Cast House

The blast furnace cast house smooth operation directly decides the overall output of liquid iron from the furnace and the safe operation of the entire system.

Novaref designs refractory solutions, manufactures and executes a full-line contract on refractory materials for blast furnace troughs. High quality castables of Al2O3-SiC-C system are used for main trough, iron runner and slag runner meet the requirements of thermal shock resistance, erosion resistance caused by liquid iron and slag, thus having a long service life and high output of liquid iron, ensuring stable and safe operation of the blast furnace cast house floor. Products include many grades suitable for each position:

Novacast-30SCI and Novacast-30SCS: Large blast furnace main trough (>2500m3)

Novacast-25SC: Medium (1000-2500m3) and small (<1000m3) blast furnace main trough

Novacast-20SC for iron runner

Novacast-10SC for slag runner

Novacast-12SC for swing trough

Novacast-30SC for slag skimmer block

Novagun-20SC and Novagun-15SC for hot repair of main trough, iron runner and iron ladle by gunning technique

Novaram-25SC and Novaram-15SC ramming mixes used in iron casting operations, hot repair of main trough.

- Blast furnace Taphole Clay

Novaref has been developing technology and the first in Vietnam produced Taphole Clay. Our brand product Novatapâ with many grades are designed and used successfully for blast furnaces of different capacities in Vietnam, from small, medium to the large blast furnaces, with 1 taphole, 2, 3 and 4 tapholes. Our taphole clays are tailor made for each particular blast furnace based on its practical operation. The core issue here is to get balance between nearly opposite properties in the same material, which are:

a/ Easy plugging, ensuring the stable taphole length, keeping the taphole “mushroom” and hearth protection.

b/ Permeable and easy drilling.

c/ Resistant to the erosion of liquid meal and slag, ensuring the stable delivery and tap-out time.