Post on: 12-12-2023

For working environments with highly volatile alkaline substances, especially in the lower cyclones and calciner, it is required to have a layer of refractory material with good alkaline resistance and the ability to prevent raw material powder build-up which may cause reducing operating capacity and meal chute clogging problems.

 Suitable products: Novacast-40AR, Novacast-50AR, Novacast-SiC20. Products for gunning application include: Novagun-40AR, Novagun-50AR.

In cement kilns with burning solid waste as an alternative fuel, the working environment is harsher with the presence of other strong corrosive chemicals, refractory products with higher alkaline and acid resistance such as: Novacast-40ARS/40ARZ, Novacast-50ARS/50ARZ are recommended to ensure required service life. These products are also recommended for use on all meal chutes.