Post on: 26-12-2023

Abrasion-resistant grout is used as abrasion-resistant lining material in industrial equipment: cyclones, air ducts, material chutes and pipes, hopers, etc. locations subject to abrasion and erosion from raw powder, furnace dust, exhaust gases with dust, chemical vapors, granular mineral materials, etc. in cement plant, iron-steel plant, coke plant, power plant, mineral processing, etc. Novaref's wear-resistant grouts adopted materials with high hardness (above 8 Mohs). The product has high mechanical strength (100-300MPa) and very high abrasion resistance.

We also provide wear-resistant cast basalt and aluminum oxide ceramics in standard tiles and pipes forms, using the manufacturer's special wear-resistant adhesive.

According to the application method, we have two product lines: Novadur is a product for installation by casting (like refractory castable) and Novaflex is a product for troweling and patching.

According to the temperature limit of use, Novadur and Novaflex products have a maximum use temperature of up to 400oC, while Novadur-HT and Novaflex-HT products have a maximum use temperature of up to 1250oC.

We provide technical instruction for application process as well as a complete set of material including of auxiliary materials such as steel mesh, steel fibers, curing agents, etc. depending on specific application conditions.