refractory anchors

refractory anchors

Refractory Ceramic Anchor:

A precast shaped products made from our refractory castables Novacast-60LC/-60ULC with predominant of mullite phase, that enhances high tensile strength and thermal shock resistance of anchors. Anchors sizes and shapes are made to suite different designs of furnace roof and walls.

Refractory Steel Anchors:

Our Refractory Anchors are made from imported Stainless Steel grades SUS304, SUS309 and SUS310 that conforms to JIS G4303, ASTM 240, ASTM 276 standards, or special steel 253MA, Inconel Alloy 601 for use in most severe conditions.`


Stainless steel round bars and flat bars are processed according the drawings of anchors uppon user’s requirement or our own anchors design. Depending on different service conditions and castable layer, Novaref’s technical experts should propose the best suited type and design of anchors in order to get maximum service life of refractory castables linning.Refractory Anchors

Novaref’s anchors are suplied with firmly fixed plastic caps to prevent deterioration of castables due to thermal expansion.Refractory Anchors


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Refractory Anchors

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