Insulating Castables:

Vat-lieu-cach-nhietNovaref produces Insulating Castables Novacast-LW serie from lightweight aggregates: perlite, vermicullite, lightweight fireclay and mullite, bubble alumina with different bulk densities and maximium service temperatures range from 1000oC to 1800oC. These products are used for insulating layer, as well as hot face layer in industrial kilns and furnaces.
Calcium Silicate boards: 
Product of different thickness and sizes are used for insulating layer of refractory linning in static parts of the kiln. This product is made to contain mainly Xolotnite mineral, that enhances good mechanical properties, very low thermal conductivity, and maximum service temperature is up to 1100oC.
Ceramic fiber products: 

Ceramic Fiber Boards, Ceramic Fiber Blankets and Ceramic Fiber Papers of different thickness are for use as insulating layer and thermal expansion joints of refractory bricks and castables linning.

Calcium Silicate board and Ceramic Fiber products are imported.    

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