Refractories for Blast Furnace Trough

2- BF Casthouse

Novaref manufactures monolithic refractories of system Al2O3-SiC-C for use in Blast Furnace Trough:


-          Low moisture refractory castables for main trough of blast furnaces:

Novacast-ASC-1 and Novacast-ASC-2: Large capacity blast furnaces (³2500m3);

Novacast-ASC-3: Medium capacity blast furnaces (1000-2500m3);

Novacast-ASC-4: Small capacity blast furnaces (≤1000m3);

-          Low moisture  refractory castables Novacast-ASC-5 for iron trough, Novacast-ASC-6 for slag trough and Novacast-ASC-7 for swing chute and slag skimmer blocks.

-          Gunning mixes Novagun-15SC and Novagun-20SC: use for hot repairing of iron ladle, hot iron mixer, and also iron runner and slag runner.

-          Ramming mixes Novaram-15SC and Novaram-25SC for use in iron runner and slag trough of small capacity blast furnaces (300-800m3);

These products have high density and mechanical strength, high thermal shock resistance, high corrosion and erosion resistance against molten iron and slag, that enhance a long service life.
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