Novaref produces only Low-Cement type Refractory Castables ( Refractory Concretes ) for cement rotary kilns. These castables are made from high quality raw materials and the mix reciepts designed for different service conditions in the kiln areas, such as:

  • Alkali Resistant Catables ( Refractory Concretes ) (Novacast-30AR, Novacast-45LC) - for use in Preheater Cyclones in order to eliminate the build-up of raw powder to refractory castables surface due to alkali attack;
  • High Strength Castbales (Novacast-60LC, -80LC, 90LC) - for use in parts of high mechanical impacts, abrasion, higher temperature and thermal shocks such as: Kilnhood, Cooler, Bull-nose, Calciner, TAD Damper and Elbows, etc. For more severe working conditions, the SiC containing catables Novacast-SiC-6015, -SiC-5030 are recommended to use for longer service life.
  • SiC containing High Strength Castables (Novacast-SiC-6030, -SiC-5030), with it’s very high abrasion and checmical attact resistance at high temperature. These castables are recomended for use in areas with the most severe working conditions such as Nose Rings, Burner Tip, Meal Chutes, Calciner and Inlet Chamber.

Novaref’s castables lining recommendations for Cement Rotary Kiln are showed in the following drawings: Refractory Castables ( Refractory Concretes )

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 Refractory Castables ( Refractory Concretes )