Refractory materials

Refractory castables ( Refractory Concretes )

Novaref produces only Low-Cement type Refractory Castables ( Refractory Concretes ) for cement rotary kilns. These castables are made from high quality raw materials and the mix reciepts designed for different service conditions in the kiln areas, such as: Alkali Resis...

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Novaref provides a Total Refractory Solution for cement rotary kilns, that includes: Evaluation of service conditions - Selecting best suited refractory products - Installating drawings design - Supply refractory products - Installation - After sales service. Along with high pef...

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Refractories for Iron Ore Pelletizing Plant

In the sintering zone of rotary kiln at high temperature, iron pellets generate a low viscosity liquid phase on it, which causes the forming of a thick annular coating ring on refractory surface. Novaref’s refractory castables and precast shapes for use in rotary kiln firing iron...

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Refractories for Blast Furnace Trough

Novaref manufactures monolithic refractories of system Al2O3-SiC-C for use in Blast Furnace Trough: Tags: rãnh ngang lò cao vật liệu chịu lửa ...

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Novaref’s refractory castables are designed to suite service conditions in reheating furnaces parts, as well as installation and repairing conditions. We provide both virbocasting Novacast and plastic castable Novaplast series that have simple and versatile installation technic. ...

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