Abrasion resistant grout



Novaref’s R&D team had recently developed and successfully applied the series of Abrasion Resistant Grouts that are similar to DENSIT® and Elkem Ceramite® products. This product is used to make the abrasion and erosion resistant layer in Cyclones, Exhaust Ducts and Pipes, Material and Meal Chutes, Silos, Bunker, Hopper, Fan Housing, etc. – the parts that expose to most severe abrasion and erosion of raw meal powders, kiln dusts and flue gases, chemicals, mineral grain powders in cement plants, metallurgy, coke, die-casting, power plants and mineral processing plants.

Novaref’s abrasion resistant grout use high hardness aggregates (≥ 8 Mohs) as the main component of product and high density binder system, that makes very high mechanical strength (100-200MPa) abrasion and erosion ressitance of products.

  • By method of installation, we have two product lines: Novadur products used for vibro-casting method, while Novaflex products used for troweling method of installation.
  • By temperature range of application, we have two product lines: Novadur/Novaflex for use in temperature range up to 400oC, and Novadur-HT/Novaflex-HT for use in high temperatures up to 1200oC

We have Technical Instruction for Installation of Abrasion Resistant Grout, that specify requirements for other auxiliary materials such as anchor steel mesh, steel fibers and curing compound according to the particular conditions of application.

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