Traditional kiln furnituresmade from Mullite-Cordierite and Mullite-SiC materials are mainly produced by vacuum extrusion, slip casting, pressing and isostatic pressing, following by sintering at high temperatures. This method requires a complicated production facilities, low flexibibility and high production cost.

Novaref had developed and successfully applied a serie of mullite-cordierite refractory castables Novacast-45MUL and Novacast-45COR for use in ceramic kiln furnitures, Novacast-SiC60 for use in saggars for use in reduction firing of sponge iron and titanium ore. The products peformed an exelent thermal shock resistance again multiple thermal cycles of firing process. Novacast-SiC60 saggar have a long service life in highly reducing firing atmosphere. With the fine controlled particle size distribution, the castables have self-flow workability, hence easy to cast into complicated mould of shapes with high dimention accuracy. The precast shapes can be put to operation after 24 hours without prefiring.

This solution helps to save the cost of kiln furniture and creates a flexibility in production of many product shapes and sizes.

The U-cassettes for roofing tiles, supports, plates made from Novacast-45MUL and Novacast-45COR for ceramic kilns, Saggers made from Novacast-SiC60 had performed a satisfactory long service life in tunnel kilns.

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