lo-can-thep-2Novaref’s refractory castables are designed to suite service conditions in reheating furnaces parts, as well as installation and repairing conditions.
We provide both virbocasting Novacast and plastic castable Novaplast series that have simple and versatile installation technic.

  • Novaplast-60: for working layer of fired zone walls and roof;
  • Novacast-60LC: for working layer of furnace hearths (WHF) and making precast shaped ceramic anchors of furnace walls and roof;
  • Novacast-45LC, Novaplast-45 and medium density Novacast-LW13D: for use in unfired zone walls and roof, and other parts of furnace;
  • Insulating castables Novacast-LW13, Novacast-LW10: for insulation layer of roofs and hearths;
  •  Novablock-90 is a precast shape product made from fused corundum fortified by chrome oxide and fired at high temparature. The product have an extremely high mechanical strength (up to 300MPa) and abrasion resistance. This product is used as Skid Rail Blocks in pushing type reheating furnaces.

Novaref provides a Total Refractory Solution for Reheating Furnace, including refractory linning design, supply of all refractories and installation works for reheating furnaces of difference designs

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