About us

About us
Novaref JSC., is a leading producer of unshaped refractories in Vietnam. The combining of materials and technology expertise with production and application practise of refractories for industrial kilns and furnaces, that we had experienced over 15 years - this is the main strength of Novaref.   ...

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Refractory materials
Novaref produces a wide range of monolithic refractories: Low cement castables (LCC), Ultra-low cement castables (ULCC) and Non cement castables (NCC); Conventional and Low cement gunning mixes; Plastic refractory mixes; Ramming mixes; Insulating refractory castables; Refractory precast shapes; Refractory ceramic anchors and steel anchors. Our products are designed to suit the different service conditions of industrial kilns and furnaces of cement industry, iron-steel industry, non-ferrous, boilers, incinerator, etc. We provide the Total Refractory Solution based on the cost-performance basis in order to bring to our customers the lowest refractory cost per ton of their products.

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Abrasion resistant grout
Novaref produces a range of materials for use as abrasive and errosion resistant linning in industrial equipment: Cyclones, Hot air ducts, Materials chutes, Pipes, etc. We provide also the installation works for abrasive linning of equipment.

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Fireproofing materials
Novaref produces a range of cementitious fireproofing materials for application in petrochemical, shipbuilding and construction industries. We provide application works for fireproofing systems by gunning and troweling techniques to meet a different grades of fireproofing standards

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Refractory Installation
As a part of the “Total Refractory Solution” we provided to our customers, refractory installation is considered as the crucial factor to ensure the service life time of refractory linnings in the industrial kilns and furnaces. Novaref’s refractory installation business is based on: A deep knowledge of refractory materials, kiln operation practice, refractory linning design and refractory installation technics;Aplly of most advanced refractory installation technics; Highly experienced and skilled team of workers, which extensively being trained. Professtional management team.

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